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2016-08-21 07:09:06 by Unity-Paradox

It's strange. I've had difficulty making music recently. Then, all of a sudden, it all just came out at once, and in the past week, I've produced a total of 3 whole songs. How this happened, I don't know. I won't be releasing any of them for a fair bit, because I really want to submit them to NCS, but it's a lengthy process and I feel like sending them all of this music will get on their nerves a fair bit. What do you think? Leave a reply, and if you like, you can vote here: https://twitter.com/UnityParadox/status/767315282599608321

Have a nice day!



EDIT: I should also feel it worth noting, I have previews released for two of these three songs. You'll be able to find them at the following links:



What license do you see?

2016-08-19 04:50:20 by Unity-Paradox

I have attempted to license all of my songs on Newgrounds under a specific license. I'd like you guys to each tell me what license you see my songs under, which should be CC Attribution Share-Alike. If any of my songs don't have that license here, I'll need to change that immediately, but until that point, just remember it's all CC-BY-SA =)

What a Journey

2016-08-15 02:07:58 by Unity-Paradox

I have a new song for you guys, but I'm afraid I don't post previews here. I'll be posting the full thing soon enough, hopefully, but for now, the preview can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/unity-paradox/unity-paradox-journey-preview

Enjoy =)


2016-07-24 03:16:18 by Unity-Paradox

Just released this song here on Newgrounds! Hope you all enjoy it, and let me know what you think! :D



It's done!

2016-07-24 01:27:44 by Unity-Paradox

Now all I have to do is wait for the NEW SONG!!!! to upload to my Soundcloud, my Newgrounds, and my Dropbox...


INTERNET DON'T FAIL ME NOW (like you always do)

Forward From Here

2016-07-23 02:48:10 by Unity-Paradox

Be on the lookout.


2016-07-17 15:11:02 by Unity-Paradox

So the results for the first round of the NGAUC came out just yesterday, and I did not pass to the next round. This will not come as a discouragement to me, but instead serve as motivation to better myself for the competition next year! I'll be trying to make a new song in the coming weeks, assuming I'm not busy with something else, so keep a lookout for that! :D

A Contest Entry

2016-06-26 10:52:13 by Unity-Paradox

I joined a contest recently, using my latest composition Hyper. The contest is called the "Newgrounds Audio Underdogs Contest," I believe. Wish me luck, everyone, and if you're in the contest, good luck to you, too! :D


2016-06-05 15:24:35 by Unity-Paradox

For those of you who know me from Soundcloud and YouTube, I got a Newgrounds account!

For those of you who don't, welcome! I make music and games (although I more frequently finish the music).

To all, I sincerely hope you enjoy whatever the heck I post on this account :P